Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh La La.

Eek! So I have started this blog quite a number of times but it never seemed exactly right. So once again I am here introducing myself. I'm a young girl living in America hoping to make my way over to the big city of New York and establish myself as a journalist, preferably fashion journalism. I'm mesmerized by our individual senses of style and the dynamics of the entire industry.

One of my greatest interest is travel. Through travel we get to soak in the beauty of a foreign land while also taking in the beauty of its people. I just got back from San Fransisco where due to cold weather leggings are still all the rage and everything is bright bright bright, but in a few days I jet off to Oxford and god only knows what I will find there. (I do hope to run in Topshop though for some Kate Moss designed goods!)

Enjoy the blog and leave comments.

Au Revoir!

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