Thursday, June 28, 2007

Which will be a bigger rage?

So the final Harry Potter book is being released this summer as is the new IPhone

So which will be a bigger craze? Obviously price wise I'm pretty sure Harry will be topping the list this summer (although I must admit I only read the first one -- is that a sin or something?) Anyways, I guess I can keep dreaming for an IPhone..

It will be released June 29
Harry comes out July 16

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I'm loving this disney couture necklace that reads "fairest of them all" I had not realized that disney couture did anything more than t-shirts but apparently now that I look into it all the big celebrities are wearing it

so shouldn't you be to?


I clicked on to the New York Times website today only to find that Roland Mouret is returning to He will be backed by Simon Fuller of all people. Anyways the article can be found here.

Over the Deep Blue Sea

Jetting off to Oxford tomorrow! I will try to update as much as possible while I'm there!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paris is Free

So Paris Hilton is officially out of Jail. I tried to find a picture of her leaving jail (of course she looked better than I do on some days) but I did find the clip on youtube

I found it quite hilarious when the commentator (from fox news ha!) started talking about whether or not she was going to be a "shy, humble" girl from now on.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Too Big Bird-esque?

I saw a girl in San Fransisco recently with a pair of yellow pointed pumps on and feel deeply envious. It lead me to the question - is bright yellow to obnoxious? I can't get over them and I keep wondering if I should invest. I especially like them with the navy/black tights

i found them at aldo and
marc by marc jacobs

And the cover goes to...

Natalia Vodianova on the July Vogue cover.

I love the dress (Nina Ricci) the cut is extremely unique. And those lips. If only I could pull off the dark lip (I still have trouble letting myself go out with red lips..)

Anyways, I just can't wait to pick it up!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What better way.. write an essay on Ernest Hemingway and his effects on modern writing style than to sit down with a cup of hot coffee with wilco or bjork playing in the background?

(other than sitting in a cafe in Paris of course..)

Oh La La.

Eek! So I have started this blog quite a number of times but it never seemed exactly right. So once again I am here introducing myself. I'm a young girl living in America hoping to make my way over to the big city of New York and establish myself as a journalist, preferably fashion journalism. I'm mesmerized by our individual senses of style and the dynamics of the entire industry.

One of my greatest interest is travel. Through travel we get to soak in the beauty of a foreign land while also taking in the beauty of its people. I just got back from San Fransisco where due to cold weather leggings are still all the rage and everything is bright bright bright, but in a few days I jet off to Oxford and god only knows what I will find there. (I do hope to run in Topshop though for some Kate Moss designed goods!)

Enjoy the blog and leave comments.

Au Revoir!